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What will your property will rent for?

You can get an online estimate based on the rentals in your area and see what properties are available for but it’s not the same as having a property manager intelligently review the data.

If the comparables in your area are larger properties with more upgrades then your estimate will trend higher than what you may actually end up gettingwhich will cost you money and waste valuable marketing time if you have it listed too high. On the flip side, if your property is one of the larger ones compared to other rentals then the estimate you get might be too low and you may leave money on the table by leasing it for less than what you could have charged.

Another factor to consider is marketing time. How long are properties are taking to rent in your neighborhood? Every area and price range is different and every day your property is vacant it costs you in lost rental income. A $1500 monthly rent property costs an owner $50 a day when it’s vacant.

Marketing FAQs


My neighbor rented their property for more than what you're telling me mine will rent for, why is that?

The market is constantly changing so what time of year is important. If your neighbor leased their property a year ago then the market may have gone down since.

Allowing pets, including utilities or lawn care, being stricter or more lenient with qualifying can also have an effect on getting a tenant.

What if my property doesn't adhere to the standards that are listed here?

If your property does not fit the criteria above then that’s okay but you will most likely not get the higher end of what similar properties rent for. You may also get less qualified tenants since well qualified tenants have a lot of options and are typically pickier about how they live but tenants will lower credit scores do not have as many options so they have to be more flexible.

Why won't my home rent for more is I have a 5th bedroom, larger yard, or pool?

Sometimes you can get more but these items are considered superadequacies which means some people will want them but others will not pay additional for them or consider them a liability (e.g. pool has to be cleaned or considered dangerous if they have small children, larger yard needs more maintenance).

Does my property have to be vacant to start the process?

It does not need to be vacant but a vacant property typically is more desirable and will rent faster than an occupied property. With vacant properties no advance notice is required which makes it easier to schedule. Also, your decor may be appealing and enhance the property or the prospective tenants may have different taste and can be turned off by seeing personal items in the property. Some tenants are get nervous about renting a vacant property since there is a chance it won’t be available when they want to move in.

Lease FAQs

Get information about our lease and lease terms.

Do I have to include utilities?

In our area, what’s covered by your association (water if it’s a condo or lawn care for most townhomes) is included in the rent. Electricity and heat are typically paid for by the tenants. With single-family homes, tenants are typically responsible for all utilities since they aren’t shared with any other units. 

Do I have to allow pets?

You do not have to allow pets but the downside is your property may take longer to rent and may rent for less due to having a smaller tenant pool.

Who are the parties on the lease and who signs?

The lease is between the owner and tenants. The tenants sign the lease first and then we sign on your behalf.

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