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Viewing Rentals

Browse through out current inventory and contact us if you’d like to schedule a showing appointment you can do so at the bottom of this page.

Before scheduling a viewing, please review the available date, pet policy, and our qualifying guidelines as we do not allow co-signers. This can save a lot of time if the dates don’t match up with when you’re trying to move or if you have a pet and the property doesn’t allow them or the height, weight, or breed criteria doesn’t fit with what the community allows.

Condition FAQs

Occasionally prospective tenants will have questions about the current property condition and want to know what will be done before they move in.

Is the condition I'm seeing the property in now the condition it will be in when I move in?

Depends on the property. Some properties are occupied and the owner may be planning to do some minor repairs, painting, or replace flooring which will be done when the current tenant moves out. If that’s the case, that’s typically mentioned in our marketing description. If there’s something you think it needs and there’s no mention of it being done in the description, then you should ask us as the owner may not be aware or planning to do what you think is needed.

Can I request something be done before I move in?

Absolutely. You can request and the owner can agree or refuse. There is a question on our application that asks if you want/need anything to be done prior to moving. Please note on the application if it’s a need/dealbreaker or a want. If it’s a need/dealbreaker then we’ll wait to get an answer from the owner first before moving forward and processing your application which can jeopardize your place in line if another application is submitted. If it’s a want and not a need then we’ll ask but move forward with processing your application while we wait to hear from the owner.

Application FAQs

Get information about of qualifying guidelines to save time and money and increase your chances of being approved by submitting a complete application.

Do all adults have to apply?

Yes. The application fee is $50 per person and each adult who will be living at the property needs to submit their own application. We do a credit and criminal background check as well as check income and landlord references on all adults and our decision on whether or not to approved is based on all the applicants qualifications.

Can I get a copy of my credit report?

We cannot provide anyone with a copy of your credit report including you. In order to run credit reports and background checks there are checks we need to go through and rules that we agree to follow. If you are denied credit based on information on your report, you can get a copy directly from the credit bureau for free with 60 days.

Can I get a refund of I'm not approved?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds on application fees. Processing background checks costs money and takes time so the application fee covers our expenses.

My credit is not good, can I have a co-signer?

Our policy is that we do not accept co-signers. The only exception is if you’re a full-time student and 24 years old or younger. We require all others to pass our background checks on their own.

What happens if multiple applications are received at the same time?

If we receive multiple applications, we sort them in order of terms that the owner prefers. For example, if the property is vacant and the owner wants someone to move in sooner rather then later then the tenants looking to move the soonest will go to the top. Or if the owner prefers no pets and you have two dogs and other applicants have no pets then their application will go to the top. Other thing we consider are length of lease, is everyone looking for a one year lease or is something asking for a longer lease like two years and also what repairs/upgrades applicants are requesting.

I don't want to waste money on the application fee if there are other applications pending.

We get it! Nor do we want to waste your money and our time with processing which is why we only process one application at a time. If the applicant is approved then they are provided with a lease and information on how to submit funds to hold the property until their lease start date. If they’re denied or don’t move forward with signing and paying then we move on to another application.

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